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I was 1969 born in Nigde province next to a carpet loom. My family moved to Ankara 1970.  My father was in carpet business and travelling in Anatolia. After elementary school,  I have entered to carpet business with my father in Ulus – Opeara square where all the people used to come and sell their textiles and rugs from all other towns of Anatolia.  I started to work for other dealers in Ankara and Adana with  Vedat Karadag and he made me fall in love with rugs.  I started my own repair shop in Ankara in 1987. I started to buy and sell tribal and village rugs and kilims. My greatest interest was nomadic gran bags – Yastiks and ethnic personal weavings. I moved my shop to Balgat in 2001 to be closer to embassy people and uptown.


Sourced with Integrity

Hilmi’s Rug Store was designed and is managed by area rug and home décor experts. In fact, we’ve been in the area rug business for over 100 years spanning the design, construction, manufacturing and selling area rugs. While there are many online rug stores, most are not run by people who love area rugs and home décor like we do. And, if you want professional designer assistance at no cost, we are only an email or phone call away. We love to help our customers beautiful their surroundings.

Hilmi’s Rug Store understands good value both in quality and price. Our designers are hip to trends, yet appreciate the classics and that is why we offer a full spectrum of designs, colors, textures, and sizes available in area rugs.


For generations young women in Turkey have been hand weaving one of a kind vibrant rugs and kilims each with their own unique colors and symbolism and with their own personal story.

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