As Turkey is modernizing, the age old tradition of carpet weaving is under threat, but still survives today despite moves to more contemporary lifestyles and higher levels of education for many village girls.

Essentially every tribe, village, or region that hand weaves a beautiful rug uses specific sizes, colours and designs that are unique to their area or group.A handmade rug is generally named after the village/town where it was made, or named after the ethnic group or tribe. Therefore classification of rugs was historically based on geographical location or the even broader country of origin.

Each group of carpets can further be distinguished by whether they use wool, cotton, or silk for the warps and wefts, and further identified by the structure and number of knots within the carpet. Given the large number of varying factors for each region it is extremely important to only compare carpets within the same region and style.For example,a wild eclectic but creative and original nomadic carpet can not really be compared with a highly refined relatively perfect silk carpet.

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