10 Tips for Buying a Handmade Rug

” Ironically a good handmade rug can be a similar price or in some cases less that the hyped up ‘on trend’ rug being sold on various  media platforms and online discount sites.

Just over a decade ago you found hand woven rugs only in dedicated galleries or you purchased one overseas as the ultimate travel trophy.Today you find them all over the place, and of all different qualities. Especially now that synthetic rugs and inferior goods have moved into the general home decor market,and they are getting good at making low quality area rugs that look like many of the high quality originals, so how do you avoid making a bad buy ?

There are seemingly endless sources for rugs these days – boutiques, online discount sites, decor retailers, big department stores but for an authentic hand made rug it is always wise to buy from a dedicated and trusted rug professional who is more interested in the authenticity and quality of the rug rather than a quick sale of a ‘hip’ rug with a funky tag line.